Below please find a “Legal Counsel Call Acceptance Release Form” which
private lawyers and duty counsel can complete and submit to the Ministry
of the Solicitor General which would then allow the lawyer’s cell phone
to receive collect calls from inmates who are incarcerated in jails or
correctional centres. This Form was previously circulated in the late Fall of
2019 but given current events we thought a reminder would be in order. 
If you choose to complete and submit the form, it is our understanding
that this would allow inmates in jails and correctional facilities to contact
their counsel or duty counsel directly from their living units subject to the
usual local rules and regulations concerning telephone use time, etc. 
Please note the comments in blue on the form with respect to the 
pre-authorization of phone charges and that by submitting the form,
you are aware that there is no limit to the number of calls that can
placed to your number and that there will be no refunds for disputed calls.