March 25

A few quick notes (and don't forget to read the reminders at the bottom): 
1.  I want to stress that the Law Society views all of the questions sent my 
way and, while you may not see your question/issue addressed on
the response doc, it is very likely that they have addressed it on
their FAQ page. 

2.  We will be changing our reporting format moving forward as this is all 
getting rather unmanageable and we really want to ensure that response
reports are easy for you to read (I appreciate they are not ideal right now).
Stay tuned and your patience and understanding is very much appreciated.

3.  Many of you have submitted questions that have been addressed. In such
cases, we are going to endeavour to provide direct links so that you can
locate those responses yourselves. 

4.  Remember - you can view all important links on our website.
If you think we are missing anything, please do let me know!
No phone calls please. 
Important reminders: 
1.  If you are receiving this and have sent in a question that has been
adequately resolved, please do let me know.  We will remove it from the list.

2.  If your question has NOT been sufficiently addressed or you require
further clarification, please let me know - and be as specific as possible
as to how we can best provide as detailed a response as possible.