March 27

If anyone still has questions/issues/concerns related to the Courts, 
MAG, or the LSO, that they can be sent to Katie Robinette. A few things
to consider before sending a question. 
  1.  Do NOT include any case-specific information. Judges are not
addressing these and FOLA will no longer be including them in our daily
issue report.

  2.  Prior to submitting a question, please make sure you have visited
the government's website, the Courts' websites (Superior Court of Justice,
Ontario Court of Justice, Court of Appeal, and the Law Society's
FAQ page. These websites are all updated daily. You may find your
question/issue/concern has already been addressed.  Links to all above
sites can also be found on FOLA's COVID-19 page. 

  3.  And please, be as specific in your wording as possible and keep
your questions short.