Monday, March 23

FOLA's Weekly Update March 17-20

An Urgent Reminder Notice with respect to attending at courthouses in
person at this time.

Response from the SCJ surrounding issues shared by Law 
Association members. More Response updates will be forthcoming.
Members are still encouraged to continue forwarding
questions/issues related to the courts and/or anything related
to their practice to Katie Robinette and they will be shared with our
Rapid Response team.
Daily Phone Call - March 23
You'll notice information about an announcement this 
morning by the Premier that notes a new portal for companies that offer
commercially available e-solutions and platforms in an effort to widen
the pool and expedite the process of procurement processes for online
tools.  This applies to legal services. If you know of a company that
is offering outstanding legal services online that could help with any
and all transactions, you are encouraged to reach out to that company
and encourage them to fill out the forms.