2018 Titles

Administrative Law in Canada, 6th ed. by Blake
KF 5402 B52 2017

Annotated Children and Family Services Act, 2nd ed. by McVey
KF 3735 M38 2017

The Annotated Firearms Act and Related Legislation, 4th ed. by Brunet
KF 3941 C36 F 2018

Annual Review of Family Law 2017-2018 by James McLeod and Alfred Mamo
KF 505 .ZA2 M34 2017/2018

Auto Insurance Coverage Law in Ontario by Strigberger
KF 1218 S77 2017

Behind and Beyond Boilerplate: Drafting Commercial Agreements, 4th ed. by Cynthia Elderkin
KF 889 E54 2018

Bennett on Collections, 6th Edition by Frank Bennett
KF 1024 B46 2017

Bequest Management for Charities in Canada, 2nd ed. by Sweatman
KF 778 S94 2017

Bullen & Leake & Jacob’s Precedents of Pleadings, 3rd edition, vol. 1-3
KF 8868.1 B85 2017

Canada at 150: Building a Free and Democratic Society
KF 4482 C36 2017

Canadian Immigration & Refugee Law Practice 2018 by Waldman
KF 4483 .I5 C36 14 2018

Canadian Family Law, 7th Edition by Julien Payne and Marilyn Payne
KF 505 .ZA2 P392 2017

Charter Justice in Canadian Criminal Law, 7th ed. by Don Stuart
KF 9655 S88 2018

Constitutional Law, 5th Edition by Patrick Monahan, Byron Shaw, Padraic Ryan
KF 4482 M66 2017

The Contracts Handbook: A Practical Guide to Reviewing, Revising, and Negotiating Commercial Contracts by Margaret Kerr
KF 889 K47 2018

Courts, Litigants,and the Digital Age: Law, Ethics, and Practice, 2nd Edition by Karen Eltis
KF 8733 E48 2016

Criminal Law, 7thEdition by Kent Roach
KF 9220 .ZA2 R62 2018

Criminal Law Quarterly by Kent Roach
Volume 66

Criminal Procedure in Canada, 2nd ed. by Penney, Rondinelli, Stribopoulos
KF 9620 .ZA2 P46 2018

Cyber Security in Canada by Ahmad
KF 1263 .C6 C93 2017

Defending Drinking and Driving Cases 2018 by Alan D. Gold
KF 2231 G64

Discovery in Canada Common Law: Practice Techniques, Strategy by Archibald
KF 778 S94 2017

The Doctrine of Res Judicata in Canada, 4th ed. by Lange
KF 8992 L36 2015

Family Law: Practice and Procedure, 5th Edition, Volumes I & II by JoAnn Kurtz
KF 505 .ZB3 K87 2018 v. 1-2

A Guide to Consent & Capacity Law in Ontario 2019 by D’Arcy Hiltz and Anita Szigeti
KF 1347 D37 2019

A Guide to Practice & Procedure in Small Claims Court by Martel
KF 8769 M37 2018

Handling Provincial Offence Cases in Ontario 2018 by John P. Allen and Rick Libman
KF 9620 .ZB3 A743

Honsberger’s Bankruptcy in Canada, 5th edby John D. Honsberger
KF 1536 .ZA2 D92 2017

The Law of Search and Seizure, 10th ed. by Fontana
KF 9630 F65 2017

The Law of Traffic Offences, 4thEdition by Scott Hutchison, David Rose, Phil Downes
KF 2231 H87 2018

Legal Liability of Doctors and Hospitals in Canada by Robertson, Picard
KF 2905.3 P52 2017

Legal Responsibilities of Real Estate Agents, 4th ed. by Bocska
KF 2042 .R4 B63 2016

Martin’s Annual Criminal Code 2019
KF 9220 .ZA2 c36 cm 2019

Ontario Business Corporation’s Act & Commentary
KF 1415 .ZB3 O575 2018/2019

Ontario Family Law Practice 2019 by David Steinberg, Andrew James, Craig Perkins and  Esther Lenkinski
KF 505 .ZB3 O585 2019

Ontario Litigator’s Guide to Evidence, 7th ed. by Morton
KF 8935 .ZA2 M673 2017

Ontario Real Estate Legislation 2018/2019
KF 570 O573 2018/2019

Ontario Small Claims Court Practice 2019
KF 8769 .Z84 2019

On Trial, Advocacy Skills Law and Practice, 2nd ed. by Adair
KF 8915 A72 2004

The Practitioner’s Criminal Precedents, 5th ed. by Alan Gold
KF 9620 .ZA2 G65 2017

Taxation and Estate Planning by Catherine Brown
KF 6584 C84 1996

Taxation of Trusts and Estates; A Practitioner’s Guide 2018 by Pryor Chow
KF 6499 .ZA2 F76 2018

The Trial of Sexual Offence Cases, 2nd ed. by Michelle Fuerst
KF 9325 F84 2018

Tribunal Practice and Procedure by Kandace Bond Wileman, Rochelle Ivri, Liz Nastasi and Deborah Pressman
KF 5417 B55 2018

The 2018 Annotated Ontario Highway Traffic Act by Segal
KF 2209 .O58 2018

The 2018 Annotated Ontario Provincial Offences Act by Segal/Libman
KF 9680 .ZB3 O58 P 2018

The 2019 Annotated Tremeear’s Criminal Code by David Watt and Michelle Fuerst
KF 9220 .ZA2 C36 Ct2 2019

Watson & McGowan’s Ontario Civil Practice 2019 by Derek McKay and Michael McGowan
KF 8816 .ZB3 W37 2019

Watt’s Manual of Criminal Evidence by David Watt
KF 9660 W38